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Health and Care Act Mandatory Training Update

The introduction of mandatory training in learning disability and autism in England and Wales has prompted a few questions from Registered providers.

The Department of Health and Social Care has still to finalise the Code of Practice for the Oliver McGowan training rollout, but the CQC has put in place interim guidance ( for organisations and teams.

The terminology “appropriate to your job role” used within the current guidance has raised questions from colleagues, such as how frequently staff are in contact with people with a learning disability and autism, the type of training required.

Having trawled through various online sources and been in direct contact with the CQC myself, this is my understanding:

  • CQC inspectors will observe how your team interacts with individuals with a learning disability who use the service. If these interactions cause concern during an inspection, inspectors will then ask to look at your training records

  • The training records of Registered providers will, under these circumstances, be scrutinised for the presence of learning disability and autism training

  • Managers also need to assess staff competencies following the training

  • CQC will not be looking at the content of the training or the delivery format at this stage

Managers and teams will require training if:

  • Providing any type of personal care

  • Offering accommodation with either personal or nursing care

  • Nursing in primary care settings

  • Offering accommodation for individuals requiring treatment for substance misuse

  • Treating any type of disease, disorder or injury

  • Assessing or providing treatment for any individual detained under the MHA 1983

  • Providing any surgical procedure

  • Providing diagnostic or screening procedures

  • Managing the supply of blood or blood derived products

  • Providing transport services, triage and remote medical advice (paramedics and technicians, HEMS staff)

  • Offering maternity and midwifery care, termination of pregnancy and/or family planning services

  • Providing services in slimming clinics

Having worked for over 20 years in the learning disability sector, I completely get the day-to-day problems teams like yours face. I use this experience to offer innovative training solutions to address these challenges. I’ll meet your training needs flexibly, with a really personalised approach.

If you would like to find out how my bespoke packages can help your team, I’m offering a 30 minute virtual coffee to discuss your team’s learning disability training needs. All you need to do is either:

  • Comment

  • Drop me an email

  • Book a virtual coffee by clicking at the top of the homepage

I look forward to hearing from you 😊

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