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My Proud List

December is inevitably a time of reflection on our achievements; taking stock before we move excitedly into a New Year filled with hope and possibilities.

But what if our reflections on 2022 focused purely on what had made us proud? And how easy is it to say "this is what I've achieved this year and I'm actually really proud of myself."?

Well, I recently received an email which inspired me to reflect on my business in 2022 in this way.

So, at the end of 2022, I am proud of:

  • creating my Cheerleader's Road from Empathy to Empowerment; the golden thread running through all courses I offer

  • being a judge for the Learning Disability & Autism awards and having the opportunity to meet so many inspiring individuals

  • completing my first social media video series, "Learning Disability: The Fundamentals"

  • working out the value proposition of my offer and communicating this clearly to potential clients with comparable pricing

  • devising and distributing the first edition of my course brochure (there's been two revisions since!)

  • my role as a mentor for the Care Quality Network

  • establishing clear boundaries around my availability

  • applying to become a trainer for the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability & Autism

  • working with Rachel Barber on an exciting new project to support individuals with a learning disability and hearing loss

  • submitting my first article for publication

  • creating and distributing a monthly newsletter

  • my business having clear direction and objectives moving into 2023

  • believing that I am resilient and will push forward in 2023 to create a surge in my business

Certain circumstances have contributed to the pride I have in my business at the end of this year. These also make me proud.

I am therefore also proud of:

  • having my colours analysed and investing in a colourful new wardrobe

  • finding ways to practice daily self-care- daily affirmations, breathing and practicing gratitude

  • raising money for Mencap's "Rock your Socks" campaign by walking 5K over 21 days

  • graduating from "The Complete Trainer" programme

  • starting a money mindset development programme

  • learning to embrace my quirky personality

  • my relationship with my fiancé whose support boosts my confidence towards achieving my goals

I am now ready to create my version of an extraordinary life in 2023; bring it on!!

What's filled you with the most pride in 2022? And how do you plan to build on it in 2023?

I'd love to know; please drop me a comment.

I look forward to re-connecting in 2023!

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