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Opening up a world of sound…

for individuals with a learning disability and hearing loss

Did you know that:

  • between 40-70% of individuals with a learning disability also have some degree of hearing loss? (Mencap, 2021)

  • most people with a learning disability who have hearing loss have never been tested? (BMJ, 2019)

Staggering, isn't it? Individuals with a learning disability often experience health inequality which can have a devastating impact on how they communicate, experience the world around them and build meaningful relationships.

Myself and Rachel Barber, Director at Living4Moments, are excited to launch an inclusive, empowering training package. "Learning Disability and Hearing Loss " is designed to open up a new world of sound for individuals with a learning disability and hearing loss. Our collaborative project will signpost individuals, their families, teams and carers to access diagnostic services, consider types of communication and technologies available and create robust care plans which support effective communication.

But first, the answers to the questions which matter to you:

Why are we facilitating sessions on learning disability and hearing loss?

Too many individuals with learning disability do not get good support with hearing loss. This often leads to avoidable challenges, impacting both physical and mental health. We want to help individuals live their lives fully with the right support earlier.

How will the training help emotional health?

Individuals with undiagnosed hearing loss are more likely to experience loneliness leading to poorer outcomes. In addition, they may be seen as challenging, leading to unnecessary interventions restricting choice. This leads to poorer physical and mental outcomes. This training will help teams communicate effectively, understanding individuals and using preferred methods to build relationships based on trust and respect.

How will the training open up a new world of sound for individuals with learning disability and hearing loss?

We explore different ways of communicating and what works for individuals. We all have a desire to communicate and be understood. We look at resources and technologies which can enhance communication.

What are the benefits of the training for staff teams?

Being trained specifically in supporting individuals with learning disability and hearing loss will enable teams to provide support confidently, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary team, therefore increasing job satisfaction as they feel empowered in their role.

What are the benefits for providers of services?

It will save providers time and money recruiting and inducting new staff with experience of supporting people with hearing loss. It will also strengthen their reputation as a provider of inclusive, person-centred services for adults with learning disability and hearing loss, therefore more future business.

If you want to find out more about this new, innovative training delivered by subject matter experts with lived experience, please get in touch via the website, or DM myself or Rachel Barber on LinkedIn.

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